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The Lightning Fast Message Queue

Tie distributed systems together

MQ provides a reliable way to communicate between services and components. Highly available, persistent by design, with best-effort one-time delivery, MQ is the most industrial strength, cloud-native solution for modern application architecture.

Faster than SQS and RabbitMQ. Also...

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Pull, Push and Long Polling support

Supports a rich set of features including push and pull queues, long polling, error queues, alerts and triggers, and more.

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Automated Failover

MQ is a global service that runs on multiple clouds and availability zones. For advanced users with critical messaging needs, queues can automatically point to alternative zones in case of an outage without having to change any code.

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Highly Scalable

Runs on top of cloud infrastructure and uses multiple high-availability data centers. MQ scales without the need for you to add and maintain resources yourself.

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REST based API

Uses HTTPS/Rest-based APIs for simple and efficient cloud use. Built with MQ standards in mind for maximum flexibility and configuration.

How does MQ stack up against SQS and friends?

Flexible Deployment Options


Host your queues on our shared infrastructure.


Dedicated hardware for your queues. A great option when you need consistent performance, throughput and elevated redundancy.


Run MQ in-house. When compliance and security is paramount, an On-Premise install is key. The top deployment choice for our customers in the healthcare and government agencies.

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