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Iron is...

  • Workers as a Service
  • Containers as a Service
  • Messaging Queue as a Service
  • Key-Value Store as a Service
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4 powerful tools for a seamless workload

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Container based workloads, full GPU support, autoscaling, custom built solutions. Let Worker take care of your jobs so you can focus on your application.

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Lightning fast, 10x faster than RabbitMQ, custom solutions, augmented scalability. Written in Golang from the ground up, it's been helping Fortune 500's accelerate their business.

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OpenSource, cloud agnostic, migrate lambda functions directly into Functions. Come join the community that's involved in the #1 Cloud Native Serverless solution.

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Fast and scalable memcache compatible cache store.

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Powering some of the worlds largest brands...

  • zenefits
  • google
  • wholefoods
  • harrys
  • hotel-tonight
  • counsyl
  • veritone
  • turner
  • thrillist
  • edeva
  • untappd
  • bleacher report
  • philips
  • twitter
  • alice
  • tune
  • the motley fool
  • farmers
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