The Architect’s Dream:
Reliable, Scalable and on Any Cloud’s microservices architecture, delivered via Docker containers, enables the world’s most innovative companies to transform large data sets into job processing that drives their revenue.

How it works

Enterprises Also Love Control, Flexibility and Security solutions deliver API-driven workload management, while allowing enterprises the flexibility and control to determine where they will deploy job processing and to use their existing security processes.

With solutions, Enterprises are able to:

  • Process Files/Data faster Faster business decisions
  • Deploy faster Faster time to market
  • Iterate quicker Increase innovation
  • Gain workload control Reduce risk, increase security

Everyone Loves Hybrid


  • GoSF

    Attend the world's largest GoLang meetup. This month hosted by GoPro.
    San Francisco, CA
    August 25, 2016

  • nginx.conf 2016

    Hear CEO Chad Arimura's presentation "Best Practice for Implementing Serverless Architecture"
    Austin, TX
    September 7-9, 2016

  • CIOMinneapolis

    Meet at CIOMinneapolis
    Minneapolis, MN
    September 15, 2016


  • and Mesosphere’s strategic partnership enables microservices and serverless computing for modern data centers

    Lots of people have been asking about how they can use Mesosphere and together. It makes sense, because’s workload processing engine and hybrid microservices architecture are perfectly suited to take advantage of Mesosphere’s Datacenter Operating System (DC/OS), the first open and comprehensive platform for building, running and scaling modern enterprise applications.

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