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Cloud-based Key/Value Data Cache

IronCache is an elastic and durable key/value store that’s perfect for applications that need to share state, pass data, and coordinate activity between processes and devices. Reduce database load by making use of a high-performance middle tier for asynchronous processing and communication.


Ready To Use

Just connect to IronCache endpoints and you’re ready to reliably store and retrieve data items. Create multiple caches and increase processing flexibility.


HTTP Interface

IronCache offers an HTTP interface and uses secure authentication protocols to provide simple ways to include caching within your web app.


Multiple Language Bindings

Make use of the growing set of IronCache language libraries. These include interfaces for Ruby, PHP, .NET, Node, and many others in the works.



Built from the ground up to work with the cloud. Uses high-performance languages designed for concurrency and runs on industrial-strength clouds.


Memcached Compatibility

IronCache supports core cache patterns and offers memcached compatibility -- without the need to maintain a persistent connection.


Secure Gateways

Uses HTTPS and SSL to provide secure gateways for managing caches and storing data. Uses OAuth2 to provide flexibility, scalability, and security.


Iron.io Integration

Works seamlessly with IronWorker and IronMQ. Uses the same authentication protocols, same dashboard, and same elastic and durable backplane.


Flexible Time-to-Live

Provides persistent item storage with flexible TTL. Items can be set to expire at specific times or persist permanently to provide maximum cache flexibility.


Critical Monitoring

Provides a rich dashboard as well as API calls and notifications so you can monitor and keep a close eye on the operation of your caching layer.

We Speak Your Language

We provide client libraries for just about every language and framework to make working with IronCache easy and familiar.

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		# Put value to cache by key
		curl -H "Authorization: OAuth TOKEN" -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
		-X PUT -d '{"value":42}' \

		# Get value from cache by key
		curl -H "Authorization: OAuth TOKEN" -H "Content-Type: application/json" \

		# Immediately delete an item
		curl -H "Authorization: OAuth TOKEN" -H "Content-Type: application/json"  -X DELETE \

		# Put value to cache by key
		@cache.items.put("number_item", 42)

		# Get value from cache by key
		p @cache.items.get("number_item").value

		# Immediately delete an item

		# Put value to cache by key
		cache.put(key="number_item", value=42)

		# Get value from cache by key
		print cache.get(key="number_item").value

		# Immediately delete an item

		#// Put value to cache by key
		$cache->put("number_item", 42);

		// Get value from cache by key
		echo $cache->get("number_item")->value;

		// Immediately delete an item

How IronCache compares with other cache systems

Logo cache white@2x Memcached Hosted Memcached Redis Hosted Redis
High Performance Key/Value Store
Cache as a Service
High Availability
Unlimited Connections
Unlimited Caches
Long-Term Storage
Backed Up
Reporting & Analytics
Email Reports
CORS Support