Team Iron is at its core a group of technologists, cloud architects, and system developers — with long-time expertise in building cloud apps and then translating that into high-performance cloud infrastructure services.

Chad Arimura
Chad Arimura - CEO & Co-Founder

Chad has over 10 years experience leading technology teams in high-growth startups. He combines his development and engineering expertise with his product marketing and sales experience to drive the team to build the world's best cloud infrastructure services. Prior to co-founding, Chad was CIO and founder of AllDorm Inc., a collegiate media and marketing company that provided fundraisers and viral marketing campaigns for clients such as Volkswagen, Domino's Pizza, and Visa.

Chad is a technology leader and evangelist with a BS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University. He spends his spare time rocking out with a San Francisco cover band, playing tennis, indoor soccer, and hyping up Cloud Computing with random people who may or may not care.

Travis Reeder
Travis Reeder - CTO & Co-Founder

Travis is CTO/co-founder of, heading up the architecture and engineering efforts. He has 15+ years of experience developing high-throughput web applications and cloud services. Prior to co-founding, Travis founded ecommStats Web Analytics and SideStripe, both involving processing high volumes of continual streaming data, and has led development teams at Siebel and db4objects. His past experience naturally drew him to cloud infrastructure as it is a natural fit for building scalable applications.

Travis holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is an expert and leading speaker, writer, and proponent of Go language. He is the organizer of GoSF (1200+ members), the largest GoLang group in the world, and is author of two popular Go posts – How We Went from 30 Servers to 2: Go and Go After 2 Years in Production.

Ken Fromm
Ken Fromm - VP of Marketing

Ken has 20 years of experience taking emerging technologies and creating new product categories and successful brands around them. He has co-founded two companies: Vivid Studios, one of the first interactive agencies in the world, and Loomia, a pioneering recommendations and personalization service. He likes building business, developing great services and brands, and letting the world know about them.

Ken has a BS in Computer Science from The University of Michigan. He spends his free time road and mountain biking, writing articles on technology, refining his top 10 burger list in the city, and consuming all things media.

Morgan Mackles
Morgan Mackles - VP of Sales

Morgan comes to with an extensive track-record of sales success across his tenures at both Fortune-500 companies and Venture-backed startups. He brings strategic experience in working with executive management to analyze and optimize commercial sales processes. Morgan is a metrics junkie who lives by the numbers, but leads by rolling up his sleeves to gain a deep understanding of the problems his customers are trying to solve.

Morgan is a cum laude graduate of Santa Clara University with a BA in Finance and a minor in English. More recently, Morgan won a scholarship to the Santa Clara Leavey School of Business CAPE Executive Program, and graduated with the 2012 cohort. Morgan loves to network, and was accepted as a member of the Entrepreneurship and Healthcare SIGs for the Bay Area chapter of MENSA. When not working, Morgan enjoys reading, following the SF Giants, and playing guitar with close friends.

Evan Shaw
Evan Shaw - Systems and Lead Engineer

Evan is into deep systems-level things. He has a background in embedded software, systems programming, and C/C++ programming. Over the past several years, he has become one of the core non-Google experts in the Go programming language. He splits his time at between building system-level features and making things more high-performance and durable. Prior to, he was a software developer at Tru-Test Ltd and a software engineer at Garmin International.

Evan has a BS in Computer Science and Math and Poly Sci minors from the University of Missouri-Rolla. When he is not working on things, he is adding to his reputation on StackOverflow (top 11%). And when he's not doing that, he's playing bass guitar, spending time with family, and wishing he had more time to learn about compilers.

Roman Kononov
Roman Kononov - Director of Engineering Ops

With more than 5 years experience in web/desktop application development and project management, Roman has participated in the development of complex ERP and CRM systems for the Japanese market, as well as payment systems for the central Asia market and lightweight web applications such as

He is currently seeking his PhD in the field of computer science, which gives him an uncanny ability to solve even the most complex software design challenges here at As if his PhD wasn't enough, as a hobby, Roman organizes meetings of the local IT community, giving lectures and actively introducing Agile methodologies of software development.

Reed Allman
Reed Allman - Backend Engineer

Reed is a system-level engineer for working in Go to solve hard problems within high-scale fault-tolerant distributed systems. Prior to, he worked on a research project with Google to build refactoring tools for the Go language. By his estimation, he's read the language spec more times than is healthy and has gained a somewhat irrational view of programming in anything that doesn’t have channels.

Reed has a BS in Software Engineering from Auburn University. When he’s not working, he can be caught managing fake sports teams, hopelessly cheering for the Royals and Chiefs, hopefully cheering for Auburn Football, and obsessing over fan theories for TV dramas.

Andrew Kirilenko
Andrew Kirilenko - Systems Developer

Andrew has over 12 years of development experience in virtually all areas - from accounting, to advertising, to high-scale processing, to mobile games. He handles much of the worker uploading and processing components as well as performs continual functional and stress tests on system infrastructure.

Andrew is an awardee from the international Olympics in Informatics and loves challenges - the more challenging the task - the more dedicated and passionate his efforts. In his spare time he likes to dive into esoteric programming areas like Scheme or Haskell.

Alexander Shapiotko
Alexander Shapiotko - Developer

Alexander is a web developer with over 7 years experience in web programming and cloud development. He is an expert in many languages in including Ruby and PHP and works on the dashboard capabilities, client libraries, and just about every application component or library that users come in contact with. He Before working with, he developed apps in many different areas — from radio engineering to mobile applications.

Yury Yantsevich
Yury Yantsevich - Developer

Yury is a full-stack/systems developer for He began programming when he was 10 years old under Soviet computers like БК-0010 (BK-0010), Корвет (Korvet) and ЕС-1840 (ES-1840). Since then he has built mobile, desktop, server, and specialized big data analysis systems for companies such as Yahoo!, Rightmedia, and Boingo. He has received awards in academic competition for Informatics and Physics, programmed in Ruby, Perl, Lisp, PHP, C, C++, LUA, and Javascript, and thinks clustered predictive analysis systems are a good time.

Peter Yeremenko
Peter Yeremenko - Developer

Peter is a skilled web developer that loves creating comfortable, painless, and elegant software. Happy to be retiring his former .NET developer title, his current languages of choice are Ruby, Javascript, and, of course being on the Iron team, Go.

Dmitriy Kononov
Dmitriy Kononov - Developer

Dmitriy specializes in web and mobile development. Solving challenging tasks and learning new technologies and approaches to development is what drives him. In his spare time, Dmitriy enjoys exploring satellite data transmission systems and streaming video.

Ivan Dwyer
Ivan Dwyer - Partner Business Development

Ivan is a Silicon Valley veteran with 15 years of technology and business development experience across many markets. Ivan was a co-founder of AllDorm, Inc. with Chad Arimura, and then went on to collaborate with mobile carriers, service providers, content providers, enterprises, and governments across the globe with ACCESS Co. Ltd., before joining in early 2014.

Ivan is a jack of all trades in the business world who loves to dabble in design and development, while also moonlighting as a world renowned DJ of obscure vinyl and producer of eclectic beats. His record collection is approaching big data territory.

Stephen Nguyen
Stephen Nguyen - Developer Evangelist

Stephen is a developer evangelist and growth hacker at According to him, his hero worship of Spock is only logical. He is a graduate in Philosophy in Public Policy and Ethics from VCU with a license to hack in all things from Dev Bootcamp SF. He loves going to and winning hackathons, enjoys helping organize the local SFRails meetup, and is a coach at Dev Bootcamp SF.

Aside from programming and generating developer love, he is one of the founders of MAUVSA, a regional non-profit of student associations, and helped shape the Collective Philanthropy Project, a yearly kickstarter for a single nonprofit project.

Maureen Jackson
Maureen Jackson - Sales

Maureen has bootstrapped her life working for start-up ventures from various technology sectors including digital music, content distribution, e-commerce, security solutions, and mobile. Her view of sales is to deliver a great product along with superior customer service and account management.

Maureen has a BA in Journalism from Temple University and when not working can be found on the SF Bay Area trails or searching for the best coffee in the city.

Yaron Sadka
Yaron Sadka - Sales Engineer

Yaron was looking for a new challenge after escaping from the world of finance. He discovered programming shortly after and hasn’t looked back. He attended Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco to catalyze his acquisition of technical knowledge and now happily works on all aspects of the stack.

Yaron holds a duel degree from the University of Maryland in Finance and Logistics. He enjoys spending his free time in the vineyards of Napa and following LA sports teams.

Andy Burkovetsky
Andy Burkovetsky - UI/UX Designer

Andy has a diverse background in user experience, graphic design, and computer science. His passion is to make things simple, look good, and function well. He's a fan of simple typefaces (the set of Droid typefaces, for example) and is big on greens and aquamarines.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Ukrainian National University and spends his spare time keeping an eye on new web technologies and playing drums and mixing sounds. has many of the top cloud and infrastructure investors behind us. These firms and individuals have funded, started, worked at, or advised many pioneering companies including Heroku, MuleSoft, RightScale, Instagram, Airbrake, CloudScaling, Couchbase, and others. Their strategic insights, operational expertise, and business fundamentals are invaluable to us.

Bain Capital Ventures

Bain Capital Ventures' Palo Alto office is led by Managing Directors Salil Deshpande and Ajay Agarwal and has made more than twenty sizable investments in less than two years. Bain Capital Ventures, with approximately $4B under management and offices in Palo Alto, Boston, and New York, is the venture arm within Bain Capital, with $70B under management. Bain Capital Ventures raises a new venture fund approximately every three years and is currently investing out of a $660M stage-agnostic venture fund raised in 2012 in projects ranging from $500K seeds to $50M growth-stage investments.

Salil focuses on software infrastructure and led the investment. In the last six years, he has invested $120M in 26 companies including Typesafe, Buddy Media, MuleSoft, Engine Yard, SpringSource, Groovy and Grails, ZeroTurnaround, Dynatrace, Lending Club, Aria Systems, Hazelcast, DataStax (the Cassandra NoSQL database), and the Redis NoSQL database, and is on the 2013 and 2014 Forbes Midas List, the list of the 100 best performing venture investors in the world.

Baseline Ventures

As an early stage seed investment firm, Baseline helps founders develop their ideas into companies. Baseline has invested in more than 60 companies since its inception and helped more than 15 companies exit. Baseline is proud to be a seed investor associated with promising companies including Instagram, Twitter, Weebly, Formspring, Heroku (acquired by, CoTweet (acquired by ExactTarget), GeoAPI (acquired by Twitter), IndexTank (acquired by LinkedIn), Rupture (aquired by EA), Sendori (aquired by, Parakey (acquired by Facebook), Versely (acquired by Cisco), Aardvark, and DocVerse (both acquired by Google).

Cloud Capital Partners

Cloud Capital Partners was founded on the belief that the cloud revolution is a true sea change in IT. They fund category-defining companies leading this transformation and are well positioned to help entrepreneurs capitalize on cloud innovations through their large network of relationships with Fortune 500 CIOs, dedicated system integrators, and cloud-focused strategic IT firms. Based on the East Coast, Cloud Capital Partners invests in businesses throughout the United States.

Citrix Startup Accelerator

The Citrix Startup Accelerator is a modern form of Corporate Accelerator that invests in companies exploring the edge between technological possibility and market viability. Their focus is on companies creating new solutions for the rapidly emerging mobile and device environments and the underlying cloud technologies that power these innovations.

Divergent Ventures

Divergent Ventures is an early-stage venture capital investment firm headquartered in Seattle Washington. The Managing Directors are Kevin Ober and Rob Shurtleff, both highly experienced and successful early-stage investors. The firm invests in early-stage companies, with an emphasis on big data, mobile data, virtualization/cloud and storage. In addition to investment capital, they actively work with their portfolio company management teams to help overcome the many operational challenges faced in early stages companies.

Ignition Partners

Ignition invests in emerging and future leaders in communications, internet, software, and services across business and consumer targets. Ignition brings together an unparalleled combination of domain focus, technical expertise, and global operational experience. The firm's partners are proven business leaders who have built some of the world's most successful businesses of the last two decades, including Microsoft Windows and Office, McCaw Cellular Communications, AT&T Wireless, and Starbucks.

Angel Investors has a great set of angel investors, all experienced and influential in cloud circles. Like us, they are big believers in cloud application services and see developers' use of these services as pioneering the IT infrastructure models of the future.

Our advisors cover a range of experience from strategic and technical insights to market development and business execution. They help us generate business and recruit, tell us what we're doing well, and what needs work. They are a rich source of ideas and energy that drives to succeed.

Jonathan Siegel

Founder and Managing Partner, RightVentures

Jonathan is an entrepeneur, early-stage investor, devloper, and cloud expert. He is the former CEO of Exceptional Cloud Services, which offered cloud services Airbrake and Redis to Go to over 50,000 application developers (acquired by Rackspace in 2013). He spent 10 years as the founder of ELC Technologies (acquired in 2010) where he founded, and RightScale is a leading cloud computing management platform. RightSignature is a profitable SaaS business. RightCart was acquired by in 2007. Jonathan has been active in technology start-ups for 15 years and was first investor in, Pusher, CircleCI,, and more.

Jonathan speaks frequently on the startup culture and cloud computing. He has been on Amazon’s Web Services customer advisory board since 2008. In 1998, Jonathan graduated with degrees in Physics and Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Derek Collison


Derek is an industry veteran and pioneer in large-scale distributed systems and enterprise computing, Derek has held executive positions at TIBCO Software, Google, and VMware. As TIBCO’s SVP and Chief Architect, Derek led technical and strategic product direction and delivery. While there, he designed and implemented a wide range of messaging products, including Rendezvous and EMS. While at Google, he co-founded the AJAX APIs group and then went on to VMware to design and architect the industry’s first open PaaS, Cloud Foundry.

With numerous software patents and frequent speaking engagements, Derek is a recognized leader in distributed systems design and architecture as well as emerging cloud platforms.

Kyle MacDonald


Kyle MacDonald is a Founding Director and Member of the Board of OpenStack Foundation. He has worked and supported OpenStack for almost 4 years across a number of different companies and organizations including / Nibula and Canonical. In his last role as Vice President of Cloud at Ubuntu / Canonical, Kyle focused exclusively on helping carriers and telecommunication companies grow implementations on OpenStack from proof of concept to production implementations.

Prior to his roles in Canonical, he spent time as a VP & Chief Evangelist for, Director of the Cloud/Web2.0 and NextGen Service Provider group at Sun Microsystems, and in the Office of the CTO at AMD.

Roger Krakoff

Founder and Managing Partner, Cloud Capital Partners

Roger helps teams capitalize on the cloud opportunties by leveraging his network of relationships that include F500 CIOs, dedicated system integrators, and cloud-focused strategics. Roger is a Board Member of the Flow and a Board observer of newBrandAnalytics, SeeWhy, and Krush. Formerly, he served on the boards of Aprimo Software (sold to Teradata), Intraspect Software (sold to Vignette) and was a Board observer at Interactions Software, Acquia, Blue Agave, Tervala Software and CiRBA.

Prior to forming Cloud Capital Partners, Roger was a Venture Partner for over five years at Sigma Partners focusing on the enterprise software, IT, and business services industries. Roger earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MA from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and a Bachelor of Arts with High Honors in International Relations and Economics from Tufts University.

Jared Kopf


Jared Kopf enjoys starting and building companies and investing in enterprising startups. Jared has over 10 years of experience leading and growing early stage consumer technology businesses. A passionate entrepreneur and champion for small businesses, Jared previously co-founded AdRoll and HomeRun, which were built to help small businesses grow profitably via online channels. Early on, he was an early member of the PayPal team, prior to its acquisition by eBay.

Besides, Jared is an investor in AngelList, Automatic,, Sauce Labs, SideCar, Keen IO, and numberous others. He has been named one of the "Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30" by BusinessWeek magazine (2007).

Bryan Beal


Bryan Beal is VP of Worldwide Alliances at Brocade and is responsible for aligning service provider requirements into Brocade's product strategy. He has over 15 years of experience in the cloud computing, enterprise software, and network and works with companies large and small to help them define and execute on their cloud strategies.

Prior to Juniper, Bryan was Director of Cloud Computing at Juniper Networks and Senior Director of Global Alliances at Savvis, a leading cloud computing provider. Bryan holds two patents on cloud computing technologies and serves as Adjunct Professor of Business and MIS at Ashland University.

Lance White


Lance is an active angel investor in many technology companies with a focus on Internet, social media and green tech. He was involved in the first launch of Ohio TechAngels Fund, which has become the largest angel fund in the midwest. He holds degrees in International Relations and Economics from the Ohio State University and received his Senior Consultant from the Wharton School of Business.

Lance White is a Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager with UBS Financial Services in New Albany Ohio. He has been in the financial services industry for 15 years and manages the wealth for many families across the country.

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