Benefits of the Iron Way powers next generation distributed applications by providing an easy to use interface for separating components and processing tasks asynchronously.

The End of the Monolithic Era

The traditional framework-centered application is a two-tier application. You have an application tier, which runs your application’s software, and then you have your database servers, which store your data.

Cloud applications, however, are quickly moving away from this traditional two-tier architecture that then starts growing organically out of need towards a proper n-tier architecture at the onset. These additional tiers provide alternative computing, storage, and process orchestration to handle the growing set of response needs.

Multi tier

Message Queues

Message queues are the bonds that tie distributed architectures together. They’re used to transmit data between the component parts of the architecture. The general concept is that chunks of data (messages) are put into a group (a queue) then removed from that group in a predefined order, either FIFO (first in first out) or FILO (first in last out). Message queues generally come in two flavours: pull queues and push queues.

Message Queue Patterns

Mq patterns


Workers provide the muscle in these distributed systems; they are the processing power that actually gets things done. Workers generally provide for custom-built environments that only survive for the duration of the task – whatever work needs to be done, like resizing a single picture. Then the environment is destroyed, and rebuilt for the next task. The benefit of workers are their flexibility; because they’re highly reproducible and self-contained, workers can be scaled effortlessly to meet demand.

Worker Patterns

Worker patterns

Common Use Cases

Sending Email & Notifications

Send email

Sending notifications is key to delivering great service. A growing user base means distributing the effort and shrinking the time it takes to get emails and messages to your users.

Image Processing

Image process

Processing images is a common need in social apps. Whether it’s generating thumbnails, resizing photos, or adding effects, can help you offload and scale out the effort with IronWorker.

Web Crawling

Web crawling

Web crawling is at the core of many web businesses. The combination of IronWorker, IronMQ, and IronCache is well suited for scheduling, orchestrating, and scaling out this type of work.

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