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Untappd needed a mobile compute cloud to move check-in activities to the background for faster response times.

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Edeva needed a reliable way to capture sensor data from the field and deliver to a backend data store.

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Mentor Graphics needed an alternative message queue solution to SQS that provided FIFO & one-time delivery.

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We Provide the Glue and the Muscle for Your Cloud is an industrial-strength development platform built to power your modern applications.

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Reliable message queue service that lets you connect systems and decouple components.
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Multi-language worker platform that runs parallel tasks in the background at massive scale.
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Easy to use

Easy to Use

The simplest tools for handling challenging things. Get started with in minutes without the steep learning curve.
Built scale

Built to Scale

Meant for massive scale right out of the box. More granular resource allocation for a more cost effective cloud architecture.
Cloud native


The only platform of its kind built specifically for the modern cloud. Interact via a familiar RESTful HTTP based API.

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