Internet of Things: Patterns for Building Real World Systems Webinar

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The rapid growth of connected devices is poised to revolutionize the Internet as we know it, covering everything from our bodies to the planet. The wide range of Internet of Things solutions will fuel the growing API economy, providing developers endless opportunities to innovate by providing insight into the world around us.

Despite the futuristic image of seamless connectivity all around us, there is a lot happening behind the scenes at a massive level of scale, putting intense pressure on the data centers providing the infrastructure, the telecom companies providing the network, and the surrounding software ecosystem providing complementary services.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • New opportunities for developers and the growing API economy
  • The patterns of development around Internet of Things applications
  • The protocols and methods around collecting, storing, and delivering connected device data
  • How to power Internet of Things workloads at scale with
  • The components of a complete Internet of Things system
  • How the ecosystem is coming together to form the stack
  • Where fits in the stack
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