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Outbreak detection system

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How Helps Healthify

In very little time, we utilized’s distributed platform to give Healthify tremendous processing power and enabling it to consume large amounts of Twitter data with ease. Using IronWorker, we were able to distribute the crawling and acquire significantly more data for our analytics. In just a few hours, Healthify processed over 100,000 tweets and determined that nearly 10,000 are relevant to bio-surveillance! In greater perspective, IronWorker augmented our team's efficiency by eliminating hours of painful installations and configurations, replacing it with less than an hour of work to help us meet and even exceed our grand vision. Customer_georgeramonov_med George Ramonov,

About Healthify

Healthify is a mobile/web application that pulls thousands of tweets from Twitter, applies machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to analyze their relevance against keywords in a customizable dictionary, geolocates any tweets deemed relevant, and plots them on a Google Map with distinct markers. (It was a test application built during a 24-hour hackathon.)

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