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We have a very active development team - we deploy often and we deploy to many environments. Although the process itself is effortless, it takes minutes to perform the deployments and it has become a bottleneck. IronWorker changed that. Being able to issue a command from Campfire that boots up an IronWorker instance and deploys it to an environment made our process truly asynchronous. I can deploy 10 branches to 10 different environments without interupting my workflow and slowing me down.

My favorite aspect of IronWorker is that we get a barebones system to run any command we see fit. We can execute anything from sending an email to compiling assets. In addition, the API comes in very handy when we need to check status, cancel deploys or generate charts on deployments over time. Jeyb Jey Balachandran, Lead Software Engineer

About Doximity

With over 707,000 US physicians in 87 specialties, Doximity helps physicians communicate via HIPAA-compliant messages and faxes, discuss clinical cases to improve patient-care, expand their referral network, read relevant literature and manage their CVs.

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