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Team Iron is at its core a group of technologists, cloud architects, and system developers — with long-time expertise in building cloud apps and then translating that into high-performance cloud infrastructure services.

Chad Arimura
Chad Arimura - CEO & Co-Founder

Chad has over 10 years experience leading technology teams in high-growth startups. He combines his development and engineering expertise with his product marketing and sales experience to drive the Iron.io team to build the world's best cloud infrastructure services. Prior to co-founding Iron.io, Chad was CIO and founder of AllDorm Inc., a collegiate media and marketing company that provided fundraisers and viral marketing campaigns for clients such as Volkswagen, Domino's Pizza, and Visa.

Chad is a technology leader and evangelist with a BS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University. He spends his spare time rocking out with a San Francisco cover band, playing tennis, indoor soccer, and hyping up Cloud Computing with random people who may or may not care.

Travis Reeder
Travis Reeder - CTO & Co-Founder

Travis is CTO/co-founder of Iron.io, heading up the architecture and engineering efforts. He has 15+ years of experience developing high-throughput web applications and cloud services. Prior to co-founding Iron.io, Travis founded ecommStats Web Analytics and SideStripe, both involving processing high volumes of continual streaming data, and has led development teams at Siebel and db4objects. His past experience naturally drew him to cloud infrastructure as it is a natural fit for building scalable applications.

Travis holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is an expert and leading speaker, writer, and proponent of Go language. He is the organizer of GoSF (1200+ members), the largest GoLang group in the world, and is author of two popular Go posts – How We Went from 30 Servers to 2: Go and Go After 2 Years in Production.

Ken Fromm
Ken Fromm - CFO

Ken is a founding team member of Iron.io and has 20 years of experience in building and growing emerging technology companies in both strategic and tactical finance and operations roles. His contributions also extend to developing teams, managing and improving processes, and guiding early marketing and product management efforts.

He has co-founded two companies: Vivid Studios, one of the first interactive agencies in the world, and Loomia, a pioneering recommendations and personalization service.

Morgan Mackles
Morgan Mackles - VP of Sales

Morgan comes to Iron.io with an extensive track-record of sales success across his tenures at both Fortune-500 companies and Venture-backed startups. He brings strategic experience in working with executive management to analyze and optimize commercial sales processes. Morgan is a metrics junkie who lives by the numbers, but leads by rolling up his sleeves to gain a deep understanding of the problems his customers are trying to solve.

Morgan is a cum laude graduate of Santa Clara University with a BA in Finance and a minor in English. More recently, Morgan won a scholarship to the Santa Clara Leavey School of Business CAPE Executive Program, and graduated with the 2012 cohort. Morgan loves to network, and was accepted as a member of the Entrepreneurship and Healthcare SIGs for the Bay Area chapter of MENSA. When not working, Morgan enjoys reading, following the SF Giants, and playing guitar with close friends.

Ivan Dwyer
Ivan Dwyer - Partner Business Development

Ivan is a Silicon Valley veteran with 15 years of technology and business development experience across many markets. Ivan was a co-founder of AllDorm, Inc. with Chad Arimura, and then went on to collaborate with mobile carriers, service providers, content providers, enterprises, and governments across the globe with ACCESS Co. Ltd., before joining Iron.io in early 2014.

Ivan is a jack of all trades in the business world who loves to dabble in design and development, while also moonlighting as a world renowned DJ of obscure vinyl and producer of eclectic beats. His record collection is approaching big data territory.

Evan Shaw
Evan Shaw - Systems and Lead Engineer

Evan is into deep systems-level things. He has a background in embedded software, systems programming, and C/C++ programming. Over the past several years, he has become one of the core non-Google experts in the Go programming language. He splits his time at Iron.io between building system-level features and making things more high-performance and durable. Prior to Iron.io, he was a software developer at Tru-Test Ltd and a software engineer at Garmin International.

Evan has a BS in Computer Science and Math and Poly Sci minors from the University of Missouri-Rolla. When he is not working on Iron.io things, he is adding to his reputation on StackOverflow (top 11%). And when he's not doing that, he's playing bass guitar, spending time with family, and wishing he had more time to learn about compilers.

Roman Kononov
Roman Kononov - Director of Engineering Ops

With more than 5 years experience in web/desktop application development and project management, Roman has participated in the development of complex ERP and CRM systems for the Japanese market, as well as payment systems for the central Asia market and lightweight web applications such as TextMagic.com.

He is currently seeking his PhD in the field of computer science, which gives him an uncanny ability to solve even the most complex software design challenges here at Iron.io. As if his PhD wasn't enough, as a hobby, Roman organizes meetings of the local IT community, giving lectures and actively introducing Agile methodologies of software development.

Tom Cory
Tom Cory - Account Executive

Tom is an account executive at Iron.io and works to match customers needs with the right solution. Prior to Iron.io, he spent 4 years at GoGrid, one of the pioneering datacenters in the San Francisco Area, working with customers such as Trip Advisor to provision and grow out their early IT infrastructures. Aside from a deep knowledge of technical sales, he is an experienced full contact karate fighter and expert in solar technology.

Reed Allman
Reed Allman - Backend Engineer

Reed is a system-level engineer for Iron.io working in Go to solve hard problems within high-scale fault-tolerant distributed systems. Prior to Iron.io, he worked on a research project with Google to build refactoring tools for the Go language. By his estimation, he's read the language spec more times than is healthy and has gained a somewhat irrational view of programming in anything that doesn’t have channels.

Reed has a BS in Software Engineering from Auburn University. When he’s not working, he can be caught managing fake sports teams, hopelessly cheering for the Royals and Chiefs, hopefully cheering for Auburn Football, and obsessing over fan theories for TV dramas.

Patrick Coleman
Patrick Coleman - Account Executive

Patrick serves as an account executive at Iron.io and brings years of experience working in technical sales in cloud infrastructure services companies. He excels and understanding the needs of production and enterprise-scale companies and translating these needs into effective solutions. Prior to Iron.io, Patrick worked at Rackspace and Exceptional Software. He is a private pilot and Screen Actors Guild member and enjoys considering economics and philosophy as intellectual hobbies.

Andy Burkovetsky
Andy Burkovetsky - UI/UX Designer

Andy has a diverse background in user experience, graphic design, and computer science. His passion is to make things simple, look good, and function well. He's a fan of simple typefaces (the set of Droid typefaces, for example) and is big on greens and aquamarines.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Ukrainian National University and spends his spare time keeping an eye on new web technologies and playing drums and mixing sounds.

Alexander Shapiotko
Alexander Shapiotko - Developer

Alexander is a web developer with over 7 years experience in web programming and cloud development. He is an expert in many languages in including Ruby and PHP and works on the dashboard capabilities, client libraries, and just about every application component or library that users come in contact with. He Before working with Iron.io, he developed apps in many different areas — from radio engineering to mobile applications.

Yury Yantsevich
Yury Yantsevich - Developer

Yury is a full-stack/systems developer for Iron.io. He began programming when he was 10 years old under Soviet computers like БК-0010 (BK-0010), Корвет (Korvet) and ЕС-1840 (ES-1840). Since then he has built mobile, desktop, server, and specialized big data analysis systems for companies such as Yahoo!, Rightmedia, and Boingo. He has received awards in academic competition for Informatics and Physics, programmed in Ruby, Perl, Lisp, PHP, C, C++, LUA, and Javascript, and thinks clustered predictive analysis systems are a good time.

Peter Yeremenko
Peter Yeremenko - Developer

Peter is a skilled web developer that loves creating comfortable, painless, and elegant software. Happy to be retiring his former .NET developer title, his current languages of choice are Ruby, Javascript, and, of course being on the Iron team, Go.

Dmitriy Kononov
Dmitriy Kononov - Developer

Dmitriy specializes in web and mobile development. Solving challenging tasks and learning new technologies and approaches to development is what drives him. In his spare time, Dmitriy enjoys exploring satellite data transmission systems and streaming video.

Aydar Omurbekov
Aydar Omurbekov - Developer

Aydar is a passionate programmer who loves solving challenging tasks and writing extremely elegant, reusable code. Before joining Iron.io, he worked as a Ruby on Rails and Python/Django developer. Aydar also has a previous experience of developing and maintaining mobile applications. He spends his spare time playing soccer, working out, and reading classical literature.

Ulan Djamanbalaev
Ulan Djamanbalaev - Developer

Ulan is a web/database developer with over 5 years experience in web programming and database application development. He has extensive experience in developing with Python, PHP, and JavaScript.

Before working with Iron.io, he worked in the financial sector, developing web applications and payment systems. In his spare time he loves to learn new technologies and programming algorithms, and playing football with a close set of friends.

Renat Yarmuhamedov
Renat Yarmuhamedov - Developer

Renat is a backend developer. Since he uploaded his first web site in 1998, he has spent spent many years developing web services and improving cloud messaging and storage systems. Although a polyglot programmer, he specializes in Java and, more recently, PHP. When not at a computer, he likes hiking in the mountains and hills around his home town.