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Internet of Things: Patterns for Building Real World Systems

The rapid growth of connected devices is poised to revolutionize the Internet as we know it, covering everything from our bodies to the planet. The wide range of Internet of Things solutions will fuel the growing API economy, providing developers endless opportunities to innovate by providing insight into the world around us.
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MICROSERVICES: Patterns for Building Modern Applications

Microservices have transformed the way developers are building and deploying applications in the era of modern cloud infrastructure. Microservices architectures are designed to separate components into discrete functional elements or individual services. Developers benefit from this new model with reduced complexity and increased scalability.
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Top Ten Uses of IronWorker

First generation applications are often developed as simple two-tier systems. There is an application tier, which runs the application’s software, and then a database tier which stores the application data. More serious applications, however, need to scale up from this type of architecture into something that’s more capable and expandable.
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Top Ten Uses of IronMQ

The next shift in cloud development is about creating highly scalable and adaptive systems. More developers are starting out with a distributed system in mind and using message queues and asynchronous processing at the onset to gain scale and make applications easier to build and manage.
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