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Fresh carefully selected and hand-crafted loose leaf teas from trusted local farmers.

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How Helps the Yezi Tea Company

IronMQ plays a crucial part in our tea inventory and shipment platform. With our small IT team, we didn't have time or resource to manage internal MQ servers. That is why we decided to utilize cloud based MQs. We were able to complete development and integration of IronMQ API with our shipment platform in less than a day. IronMQ allows us to easily distribute our label printing process across multiple locations, multiple thermal printers, and it does that with 100% reliability. Their simple API and great documentation made integration a breeze, and allowed us to focus on what we do best, and that is delivering tea products on time to our customers." Wendy-weng Wendy Weng, CEO
Yezi Tea Company

About Yezi Tea

Yezi is the Chinese word for "leaf." At Yezi, we are committed to bringing you the finest white, green, oolong, red and black teas from China. Our tea will warm your heart, calm your soul and purify your minds. Welcome to the simple joy that is the the fragrant steam wafting from earthen tea cups.

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