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Self-service merchandizing platform for brands and marketers.

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How Helps Merchpin

IronWorker is an integral part of the Merchpin platform. We use IronWorker to import, process, and sync tens of 1000s of products from our customers’ e-commerce platforms, giving brands and marketers a central hub for merchandizing products across all their web properties. IronWorker keeps product inventory, pricing, and promotions up-to-date in near-real-time, so Merchpin is always targeting the latest products with the freshest pricing from our customers’ stores. Customer_mattknight_sm Matt Knight,

About Merchpin

Merchpin is a self-service merchandizing platform for brands and marketers. The Merchpin platform makes it easy to target and promote products from any online store to other websites, blogs, or Facebook pages. Marketers can define rules to display products that complement existing content, creating new buying opportunities outside their existing e-commerce storefront.

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