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Price comparisons among thousands of products across the globe.

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Creating a product search engine on a world scale means a ton of things are happening all the time in the background. We’re constantly updating, integrating and calculating huge amounts of data which creates a lot of strain on our resources given our size. IronWorker is the best solution we’ve found to do all this work. We fragment huge amounts of data into small pieces and dispatch the work to thousands of little workers which handle the job in parallel! If you’re a startup with big data needs, Ironworker is the best/fastest solution around.- Frederic De Todaro, Co-founder at Dweendle

About Dweendle

Dweendle is a global Product Search Engine that lets you find and compare offers from around the world. It’s an easy-to-use and intuitive platform that calculates the true price of a product regardless of where you are. No more confusion. No more hidden costs. The product price will show product costs, shipping fees, sales taxes and custom duties, all up-to-date and in your currency. Dweendle continually scans millions of products and SKUs, allowing you to get the right product at the right price regardless of language or borders.

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