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Ad management platform for insourced media buying

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At AERIFY MEDIA, we're using IronWorker to generate a large amount of reports. We present them to users on an hourly/daily/weekly basis as well as store them in S3 for archival purposes. We’re currently queuing the reports directly but in the next release we’re also offering the ability to create scheduled reports. Generating these reports utilizing the data in our system is one of the more resource-eating things we do – not surprising, our report generation workers deal with huge data sets – which means that offloading the processing to IronWorker is extremely valuable in lowering costs, saving time and increasing overall efficiency. Customer_briancrook_sm Brian Crook
Aerify Media

About Aerify Media

AERIFY MEDIA provides advertisers with a sophisticated ad-management platform that lets them insource the media buying process strategically from end-to-end. This platform interfaces across ad exchanges and supplier platforms and includes proprietary modeling and analysis to provide capabilities that even the largest media buyers lack. AERIFY MEDIA was created by data, research and ad exchange experts to tackle the key issues facing advertisers in the online advertising ecosystem. AERIFY MEDIA empowers advertisers to buy ad media for themselves through innovative technology and high-touch managed services.

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